Giant Propeller
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Giant Propeller
  • Client

    Giant Propeller

  • Year

    June 2020

  • Type

    Marketing Agency


Giant Propeller is an agency website made with Angular for unique animations to fully immerse in the describing their agency with multiple and different uses of section grids to display the photos and storytelling while also showcasing their way of work and brand growth program for all the client needs to know to make a decision.

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Your new team consists of the most coveted marketing positions required to build a successful eCommerce company. Our unique experience in growing brands of nearly every vertical has resulted in our ability to cover every marketing need. Whatever the challenge, we’ve solved it before.

Custom design and rearrangable sections fulfilling the clients visual hierarchy and efficient content delivery to clients and companies.

  • 01

    Unique content showcase

    Integrated content showcase to display all the services the company has to offer to the clients and how they work within that specific client need and niche, with a mix of photography text and visual directions leading to fully digestable informations.

  • 02

    Adaptable gallery grids

    As the website is heavily focused on photography as one of its main visual element the best solution is the adaptable gallery grid which will contain all the photos within a perfect display grid while maintaining adaptability and hierarchy for each photo.

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The Brand Growth Agency

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We help businesses grow, launch products and gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital-led world.


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