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Go Smile
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    Go Smile

  • Year

    May 2021

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    E-commerce shop

About Go Smile

Go Smile has revolutionized at-home and on-the-go teeth whitening products that are safe, effective, and clinically proven to whiten with NO sensitivity while we revolutionized their website with Shopify as the main eCommerce tool.
We added a multilingual and multicurrency as an extra feature that will automatically determine the two factors based on the user location and the user has access to a customized sector of the website made for showcasing their multiple studies for oral health and also a quiz to determine which of their products will best suit your need to be healthy and have a white smile.

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Everyone wants a whiter, more radiant smile. Whiter teeth are proven to elevate a person’s confidence and self-esteem. And with a brighter smile, you simply feel more beautiful or handsome. This is why GO SMILE is dedicated to creating an over-the-counter, dentist-free solution that provides a healthier, cleaner and whiter smile for everyone.

  • 01

    Fast Quick View

    This feature implements a quick view card which contains all the informations about the product and lets you head straight to cart while taking a look for other products the user may be interested in.

  • 02

    Safe and secure online checkout

    Ensuring a safe check out, while protecting the given credentials and letting the user know the details of the process and the payment forms available.

  • 03

    Product overview

    A single page product overview containing all the informations about the product, its use, results, feedback and review from the clients.
    Showing all the benefits, written and step by step description on how the product works.

Our mission is to make easy and fast teeth whitening products that work.
Our company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have helped whiten smiles for over a decade.

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